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What is Glamping?

Glamping is now a term which is used to describe any holiday stay which isn't in a traditional hotel. However, the origin of the word comes from 'glamorous camping' but was really invented to mean any kind of back to basics holiday which didn't involve pitching your own tent!

At Berridon Farm we stick to this ethos and have planned our cabins in a way that you get all the joy of a holiday away from the stresses of normal family life, but we've tried to take away the stresses of a regular camping holiday too.

This means that you do not have to sit on the floor to eat - you can have your dinners sat at a proper dining table!

You sleep in proper beds with proper mattresses, and have a proper flushing loo in your own cabin too. We'd prefer to call this 'Comfortable Camping' rather than Glamping but Comfping doesn't have the same catchy ring to it does it?

So before you choose your own Glamping holiday here are five questions to ask to discern if this is simply a holiday masquerading as something it is not.

5 signs of a Proper Glamping Holiday

  1. Is there a TV? Anything with a TV or wifi definitely does not count!

  2. Can you see the stars at night? If you're within the glow of a town if does not count!

  3. Do you have to walk to your tent or cabin? If you can park right outside it does not count!

  4. Do I have to sleep on the floor? That doesn't sound comfortable so if so it does not count!

  5. Is fire involved? You need a campfire or wood burning stove, anything else really does not count!

There are many wonderful places in the UK now offering glamping holidays, when we started over a decade ago there were few and far between and it's fantastic to see how the sector has grown.

Over the last 12 years we've honed our cabins to offer what we believe allows our guests to rediscover their love of nature, a simpler life and each other.

Whether you visit us, or try somewhere new we wish you well on your glamping discovery in 2022 and beyond.

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