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Escape to the wild

Escaping to the countryside doesn't have to mean selling up the family home and buying a ramshackle farm, starting to keep pigs, having buckets catching the drops from the falling down roof, and washing the children in the babbling brook that rambles through the farmyard.

Sometimes you can reset and enjoy 'bathing in nature' by just choosing a couple of days away from the grind, the television, and the chatter of the city.

That's why we offer mini breaks, either weekend stays or midweek stays. The joy of the cabins is that you can turn up, drop your bags, and put the kettle on (or uncork a bottle of cider, depending on your persuasion) and start to unwind. No need to pitch your tent, no looking for the loo-roll at the last moment when someone needs a wee, no panicking about having left all the pillows on the kitchen table in a big bag. Each cabin at Berridon Farm really has been designed for walking in and switching off. We have guests who arrive with a car load of boxes and bags for their stay, surfboards on the roof and bikes on the bike and others who really do arrive with a spare pair of shoes and a case of wine. Both approaches are absolutely right - make your escape to the wild your own, you choose where on the dial you'll stop between exciting and relaxing!

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